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November 23, 2010


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I just wanted to tell you that your blog always makes me smile. I love how personable your writing is and your food generally makes me fatter just by looking at the pictures (suuuch a good thing).

Keep it up :)


I love you.

There, I said it.

omg... this looks like the most delicious breakfast. Mmmmmm. I'm saving this one for when I get back home and can do some cooking again. thanks :)

These look so good!

I just wanted to let you know, I just made your mini pumpkin cupcakes and they are sooo good! Thank you for sharing your recipes and not being selfish! Love your blog! :) ♥

these look delish! i'll admit i buy a processed pop tart every now and again, but a homemade one?! looks to die for! will for sure give it a try :)

wow, these look delicious! i'll admit i buy a processed pop tart every now and again, but a homemade one?! looks to die for!!! will try for sure :)

How different is canned pumpkin to "real mashed pumpkin". In Australia we don't have a pumpkin market like in the US. Pumpkin pies are hardly ever made, we barely have Halloween, well its really the wrong time of year - we're pretty much in summer here.
SOOO getting back to my question, would be too different to used a cooked mashed pumpkin.. my feeling would be a sweet roasted pumpkin, already with the brown sugar and spices, otherwise it would be too watery.
I do think I'm answering my own question, so I stop there...
Thanks for your recipes, I'm loving your blog.

Ohhhh mmmmm geeeee....I have to get to target before they close to get the puff pastry. Yummmm...

Oh my! This looks great.

Now, I'd love to hear how this isn't the first time you've avoided jail time...LOL.

I am in love with pop tarts period and crazy for pumpkin. Thank you for this recipe! I am headed to the store ASAP! p.s. your blog is delightful!

"Pumpkin pies are hardly ever made..." Christy I think you may have broke my heart. :( But yes, you can mash up a sweet roasted pumpkin, it's the exact same thing;) xo. Emma

Mmmm, that´s soooo yummy!! I´ll try it someday... Thanks for the recipe!

I have this feeling that if I don't make these soon, I'm going to die.

I am SO making these! Brilliant!

xo Mary Jo

whoa whoa whoa! i need to make these asap.

A perfect Thanksgiving breakfast, perhaps?

Wow what a great idea (to both Kellogg and Emma)! They're so simple to make and sound delicious - the perfect indulgent breakfast this time of year! Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving!

ill take the easy way... these look amazing!!

Whoa this recipe does look easy! Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving :)

These look so yummy!!! I can't wait to make them Thanksgiving morning, if I can find puff pastry in town.


Emma, thank you for my breakfast, first thing tomorrow morning:) but I just have to break your hart again: it's not only Australia where people are not avare of all the glory a pumkin can bring. in Latvia (Europe) it's even worst -- we don't even have Haloween. the same goes for Thanksgiving.:( but we do have pumpkins.:)

These look so tasty! Good thing I bought an extra can of pumpkin!

These look absolutely amazing!!! Waaay better than the store bought ;)

you are a roll model to all betty crocker rejects like me! ;) yummmmy! congrats on the cute proposal at the shop too xoxo

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