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November 22, 2010


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A" muffin a day keeps the doctor away"... hahahaha! I´ve never heard that before, it´s hilarious! I WANT those muffins for breakfast NOW!! Well, maybe I have to conform with bagels...

I´m classic, love strawberries!

These pictures are mouth watering! You're evil! It's hard to be on a diet and see all the yummy things you make, hehe.

Have an awesome week, Emma! :)

Oohh, I will have to try these. I made blueberry over the weekend, I had never made them from scratch before, yummy! I have to say I love anything rasberry!

mmmmmmmmm that looks so bloody yummy!!!!!!!

here you can't find berries that easy, i love raspberry, i hate blueberry, love blackberries.... and strawberries. Those i can buy any place right now because summer's coming, so peaches and strawberries are all around...

i have to bake these!!!

mmh they look so delicious!! My favourite berry - raspberry :)

Hey Emma!
I always read your blog and I look at you with admiration, for I really CAN'T bake anything at all, or cook or, you know, just make some orange juice -haha, but please don't make fun of me :D
The fact is, I always want to try your recipes (which seem to be all delicious) but I never do.
...and yet, THIS time will be different. I don't know why, but this muffins recipe totally got me. No escape now, it's me against the berry muffins. I'll keep you updated about how this thing ends!
Love, Seri.

PS. thanks for your blog! I find it awesome!

PPS. Almost forgetting.. my favourite berry is strawberry! :D

oh man, i need to make these while i'm in utah this week. i love all your recipes, emma. i can't say it enough.
favorite berry? do i have to choose? i love 'em all!

blue/blubberberry--especially when paired with citrus... yum! how is the cupcake baking / catering going?

i have an insane amount of fresh blueberries in my freezer and this seems like the perfect solution for baking with them. these muffisn sound GREAT!

I like all kinds of berries.. Gooseberries, blackberries, strawberries, you name it. I love the combination of strawberries and plums. Recently I discovered my favourite berry is a blueberry.

Anyway. Gonna make those muffins real soon. Maybe tomorrow.

They look so yummy. I guess I need some of those for breakfast tomorrow.

My favorite berry? It's a tie between raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. I really can't descide. =)

I will definitely be trying this!

And the answer is, strawberry.

raspberry for sure! these look amazing

These look amazing. Adding this to my list of recipes to try!! Thanks Emma!

I love raspberries sooo much..But I have to say that my favorite berries are strawberries..especially when they're just right...delicious. :3

Haha i love this post (:


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