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November 22, 2010


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Can you come to CA and do the same theme for my next bday? You can never be too old for a Harry Potter theme birthday!

Emma, I found your blog through A Beautiful Mess, and I love it. This party is genius! So fun! :)

way too cute!!!!!!! i love the golden snitch hair clip!!!


the clip is so cute!!! everything about this party is adorable.

This is so cute! Love the cupcakes paired with adorable candy. And your instax photos are great!

I'm speechless! You need a "best cupcake making auntie ever" award! The party looked so well planned, and Penelope is such a cutie!! (but you already know that)


SUCH a cute idea! Love it!
& your niece is pretty adorable. :D

ahh! thats so adorabe!

teeheehee thats so cute! the quibblers look awesome.
one thing heehee you forgot (or maybe didnt take photos of) Hufflepuff.
but its ok... no one likes them any ways C:

Amazing! Can I steal some of your ideas? I can’t say enough good things about this party. Thank you so much for your sharing this.

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