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November 17, 2010


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P.S. - my mom prefers milk chocolate too, haha (must be a generational thing)

I want to like dark more, but I adore Milk. YUM!

Milk is definitely better than dark, but milk is tied with some really good white chocolate.

Dark, all the way - The darker the better.

another vote for dark!! especially if it's JUST chocolate... i am ok with milk chocolate in a snickers bar, but for enjoying the pure deliciousness of chocolate? DARK PLEASE!

Dark chocolate, for the win! Not only is it richer and a more pure form of chocolate, but it is way healthier for you. If you haven't tried it, try some Vosges - it is amazing. Expensive, but amazing.

I work for a chocolate shop and after sampling pounds upon pounds of delicious chocolate, I have now been converted to dark. Especially if you're eating it with sweet fruit creams or has to be dark.

I love both kinds, but I discovered recently that 60% dark chocolate chips make heavenly cookies! And they are delicious to eat too! :)

Dark chocolate, all the way! Besides, it's healthier than milk chocolate. =)

Anna-you work in a chocolate shop? how can I get your life!

i am a fan of both! i love chocolate in any form!!


dark is the way to go!

DARK all the way! It's funny milk chocolate always requires more milk...

Dark!!! Always and forever. Amen.


Dark chocolate all the way!!!

Dark Dark Dark - even my toddler agrees (not that I give him much chocolate you understand!)

dark! i dont eat milk and never likes dark now i loooovee it!

I'm going to have side with your mom on this one. MILK all the way. And white chocolate? That stuff is grosssss. : )

Definitely dark!! :)

I loooove dark chocolate, but my fave is milk! They're both so good, though! :)

dark chocolate,
hands down, kick his ass.

(obscure "garden state" quote . . . couldn't help myself).

and dark chocolate w/ candied ginger bits is good-try Divine brand, it's fairtrade. :)

Dark, please! I can eat it by the ton.

Dark for sure.
But I have to admit, every once in a while I love a piece of milk chocolate as well - but only Lindt =) I am really picky with chocolate.

Alone, I love dark.
But with peanut butter, I prefer milk chocolate. :)

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