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October 3, 2010


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I have been keeping up with this whole blogging event, and I really love your posts! I hope you win!

wow! Looks great! I love broccoli soup, and brie, and pumpkin... so this all sounds delish! Love your presentation too.

wow, that pumpkin cooler is amazing! we are gonna have to start calling you Martha if you keep doling out the goods like that!! my birthday is coming up next week and i just informed my hubby that there will be some pumpkin coolers at that event! ;) great job and good luck!

New favorite food! You can make those sandwiches anytime! :))

Wow, it all looks so incredible! Those sandwiches look delish! Love the idea for the pumpkin cooler! :)

The pumpkin idea is genius...I see myself filling one with some lovely Izze beverages!

so cool emma! it all sounds delish and i can't wait to try something like this too! thanks!

Oh my! As soon as this baby bun is born and I can eat soft cheeses again I am totally making the apricot jam and brie toasted sandwiches! Yum yum!

Loved it, what a GREAT meal and WONDERFUL time together................I'm REALLY starting to enjoy your cooking on the weekends............................LoveU

Genius! What a fun dinner party. I voted before I even finished reading your post!

that is TOO cute! I love the whole pumpkin as a cooler concept! Congrats on an awesome dinner party!


wow! That's gorgeous! Now I really want to throw a cool party myself! :) I'm sure you had lots and lots of fun. I love reading about how much you love your family... I just started college and I live in the dorms which makes me miss my home and family SO much...
Oh, and you know I *really* love your writing style, right? It's just so funny and unique. :)

By the way, I'm the one who bought the pink Blythe scalp from Elsie. I understand you are the one who shipped it, so - do you mind checking if the payments (1 for the scalp + 1 for the shipping) have been received succesfully? I just want to be sure you received both of them and that everything is okay... Technology tends to be a bit confusing sometimes. :)

The pumpkin cooler is GENIUS.

Emma! This looks amazin! I want some of that soup right now!! Eek!! Voting for you right NOW!!

super!...would love to get these recipes asap!

It all looks great! Delicious! Hope we both make it to the next round! :-) You have my vote!

Sounds like a great menu--love the pumpkin beer cooler!

This looks like such an awesome dinner party! I wish I was invited, haha! The sandwiches sound delicious! Well, everything sounds delicious!

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Ich würde gerne so etwas, wenn ich hatte für meine beiden Kinder haben - was für ein besonderer Moment, er ist gefangen, die Sie beide Schatz für immer). Tolle Neuigkeiten - Hooray!

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