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October 18, 2010


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even your recipe failure looks amazing! i love looking at all of your yummy eats... that pumpkin cooler is also so sweet... oh, and i am also a super proud aunt :)

I love love love all your pictures emma!

Oh, Emma! Whenever I come here to see what you've been cooking, I always leave craving what you've prepared, haha! And it sucks because I don't have a waffler making device! I tried them for the very first time a couple of weeks ago, can you believe that? I also had bagels for the first time in April last year when I went to California. I love them! Oh, and I also had Pop tarts and Krispy Kreme's doughnuts for the first time last year, too. I was a complete virgin in terms of treats! Haha.

Hope you're having a great week!


Yay for pumpkin! Love it, and just made my favorite pumpkin scones today.

But really, I'm commenting because I really love that you blog like a real person, and include your failed attempts! Thanks. Not to bask in your failure, but it just makes me feel more normal. Haha! I hope when you do find the perfect pumpkin waffle, you'll share the recipe. I would love to try it.

this is funny cause the boyfriend tried to make me pumpkin pancakes this weekend and failed! haha he doesnt cook that much, he is still learning! the batter was yummy but the heat was too high and they werent cooked in the middle. he was bummed but i ate the edges and played it off like they were delish :)

the waffle still looks good! i feel like i need to make something pumpkin-y now.

You are so right about the holy grail of autumn. Oh my. I don't even mind being unoriginal when I eat it, though ;)

I hope you work this recipe out because I'm not a big fan of pancakes but Pumpkin Waffles...yuummmm!!! That sounds so good :) least they look yummy.

I have an anger problem as well. When I made apple dumplings I was very thankful my husband was not home to hear me because I may have been given the stink eye from him. hahaha!

They LOOK like they would be delicious! Bummer that the pancakes didn't work out.

Awesome picture! They look so yummy! Too bad they weren't perfect ;( Here's to hoping you find the pefect recipe! Good luck with your new venture in life and I hope it's a success!

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