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October 22, 2010


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Oh this looks delicious I think I may just make this tonight! lovely emma!

Oh. My. Goodness. Arama! I had to throw that arama on there becuase this looks so good! I love tomato basil pizza and would love to whip one up on my own! I will vote for your pizza only law.

ive been wanting to make a homemade pizza for a while now... this looks perfect!

Yum, yum! Seeing your lovely pictures and reading your posts have inspired me to cook :). Today I made asparagus and poached eggs; it was so comforting to see a pretty looking dish! I have to cook every day for me and my dad (he has cerebral palsy and my mom passed away), so I kind of it do it mechanically and as an obligation (it sounds awful, but I sometimes feel it's a burden). I think I should explore this world a little more to find inspiration and to enjoy the process of makig some yummy food. Thank you for having this place of inspiration, Emma! :)


I would also choose pizza! I love it.

If we order from Domino's or some local chain ish place I usually just get pineapple, but if we go to a nice place or make our own I get red onions, spinach, bacon or any combination of the 3!

p.s. chewy pizza crust = THE BEST KIND

my favorite is white pizza sauce with fresh tomatoes and basil and mozzarella cheese =)

You're really funny. I found your blog this afternoon at work... and then I read the whole thing. Now it's 10pm and I'm watching iCarly on my couch... it's not as entertaining. But that's okay, because I'm 24 and shouldn't be entertained by it anyway. Or watching it. On a Friday. Just thought you'd like to know I'm highly enjoying your blog!

Yummm. This pizza was made just for me :)

Yum, I'll have to try your crust! My fave topping is spinach. I slice it up into little ribbons and put it on top of the sauce, and under all the other toppings. My hubby never even knows that it's in there, but I always get more compliments on the spinached pizza's than anything else!

mmmm mmm! My husband and i make a pizza similar to this on a weekly basis. We use a whole wheat Baboli crust. Then we spread on some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and some minced garlic. Then we add some tomatoes, onion, green and red peppers and some mozzarella cheese on top. We LOVE it. Going to have to try your recipe!

That pizza looks soooo good! I'm now starving! Thanks! lol

Thanks! I've been hunting for a good pizza dough recipe, and this one sounds perfect :)

Mmm, homemade pizza is the best! This looks so delicious. Olives are my favourite topping on a pizza, mmm! And I love thin crust.

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Oh man this pizza looks so good. It reminds me of all the pizzas i have in Italy last summer.

this is great and really good simple directions! i wonder if i could try this??


Well, I wouldnt really say theyre dangerous, rather just not an ideal snack, by themselves while not in the midst of prepping for or recovering from a workout.

this looks utterly mouth watering!
I quite like tomatoes, lots of cheeses, onions and peppers on my pizza. and alot of chilli flakes!


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