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October 27, 2010


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Those look awesome! Best of luck to you! And i say car-mel, too.

Oooh...those look so yummy! Wish I lived nearby so I could come get one! :)

these look amazingly yummy & congrats on the shop opening soon!

Holy yummers! Wish I could be there! Have a great opening!

Yumm. Definitely need to make these

those look amazing!! :)

These look fabulous. Wish I were there!

Yum!! I say a mix of car-mel and caramel, lol... it's like car-a-mle, ha.

yum! i love all your fall treats. so inspiring :)

Oh sheeeet! Is it wrong to make these in spring????

my mouth is watering right now... looks so yummy!

omg these look amazing. I so want to try some :)

These look SO good!
Good luck on the opening!

They look so yummmy! But I live in Belgium and we don't do Halloween like you. I was wondering how you make the caramel for the apples. Is it possible to receive the recipe? THX and keep up the good work. With love, Vanessa

No, I think we both say car-mel the same way. :) Back home we have an apple festival at the beginning of October...this is one of my favorite things about it.

The caramel apples are so adorable! I miss these being served in parties.

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