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October 25, 2010


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i think i eat everything but breakfast food for breakfast. today, it was pineapple pizza :0) yummy.


i have those juice glasses! and sometimes cookies for breakfast are necessary. how is the cupcake/bubble tea recipe testing going?

oreos and milk are my favorite breakfast!

Sugar is the devil and devil wants to control your mind with cookies- or wait, no that's the government. Totally. You're screwed.

I love your blog. It makes me laugh! I love how I feel more empowered after reading! ;)

i love your sense of humor. That, and of course the recipes, keep me coming back. Keep up the good food and funny posts :)

I eat a spoonful of Nutella about 4 times each day.
I support champions of sugar.

My teeth, I suddenly indolence walked so long road; endure for a long time to see the pain of his embarrassment. Now I saw nothing, but the achievement, early know will not come. "You got a job?" He suddenly asked me. "Not yet. As you introduce a hospital director or their son to me? Maybe I can catch retaliate 'oh." I feel very false smile, a bit like a woman in dusty 40s Boethius observed there. He said to the mouth, Zhan didn't say anything. "I walked, goodbye." I feel boring; don't want to see him again.

Nothing beats cookies and milk, whether it's in the morning or at night :)


I just thought I would take the time to tell you I love your blog! This post is a perfect example - you are so funny! You always make me laugh, I love your sense of humor and your delicious-looking blog. I have just started baking more and I am definitely going to be trying your recipes!


i am a big advocator for cookies for breakfast! maybe not everyday. but every now and then there is nothing better than some cookies and tea for breaky.

I was just talking about overly sweet cereals with my husband last night...specifically Reece's Cups cereal. This has to be better for you than that! :)

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