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September 20, 2010


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OMGOSH! your blog header is the cuttttttest!!!!

wow, that kate petty video is any girls dream. candy favorite game/concept ever!

Yeah, that's totally me.
And it's the best way to be! :)

ooh man i guess i am not a baker :( hehe but these are super cute and fun to giggle to! thanks sweetie!


you should check out the book Cupcakes by Elinor Kilvans, not as many pictures as Martha's book, but it's got some in there I'm sure you'd enjoy! Bakerella actually just covered one of the cupcakes in the book, it was on Martha a looong time ago, you should check it out!

I am definitely a baker then. Today I made pumpkin chocolate chips cookies and when I went into our pantry to get an apron I literally thought to myself (You have 6 aprons... that's more aprons than pairs of jeans you own. that's sick). hehe! I definitely have post its all over my cookbooks, and printed recipes all over the place.

Good luck with your foodbuzz entry!!! ;-)

I might not be a baker, but I sure like reading about them :-)

Hahahah I loved this post!

I'll definitely "heart" your page, good luck Emma! :)

PS. If I pimp you out can I get the recipe for the snickerdoodle cupcakes? hahahaha just kidding.

I knew I was a confirmed Baker when I went CRAZY when I saw Tahitian Vanilla Extract on Sale for 5.99.

i spy martha's cook book, haha. peepin ur site for the first time. good stuff. :D

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