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September 21, 2010


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that is too funny! wht is so annoying is i get this sent to my name at my work and i didn't even sign up for this magazine! too funny! i guess i am a teen at heart!


bahahah! What, you don't have Bieber Fever?! aw, that is just too funny. :)

I still subscribe, too, but when I saw this cover I was kind of disappointed. But then I realized that I'm twenty-five & definitely not their target demographic anymore. Whoops.

When I saw this on the kitchen table yesterday, I LOLed.

I'm most likely older than you and I have a subscription to that mag :D of course I only got it to get the kawaii free handbag it came with haha

hahah I love this post! Because.. I am guilty of the same thing.

NO! TAKE THAT BACK!!! Teen vougue is AWESOME just it doesnt need little boys on it!!! Ugh I just dont like that kid hahaha

Oh Emma, JB? Really? Mucho love to you, but seriously, ewww. I think I am the last American to actually not have listened to any of his songs. He's just too overexposed. :P

Looks like you are not alone =)
So keep reading.

beiber fever :-) who DOESN'T have it? lol

I'm 31 and thought the same thing when I got it in the mail. I hid the magazine out of embarrassment.

That's exactly what I thought! I got it in the mail and suddenly wondered...when is my subscription up? Maybe I won't renew it next time...

Sadly, all I thought when I looked at the picture was 'Emma either took that photo in the mirror or she got wild in photoshop, cuz that text is all wonky and backwards.' Then I noticed that Bieber girl on the cover.

I'm 32 and is still subscribed to TEEN VOGUE. But i don't read it in public places :)

Haha! I am getting Teen Vogue for my nieces for Christmas. Maybe I should get it for me, too? :)

Haha! Great post!

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