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September 11, 2010


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I haven't seen pumpkin at the grocery store for about a year. I'm sad that this is still going on, because my favorite cupcake flavor is pumpkin. On top of that, I have what looks to be a great recipe for pumpkin scones. But I may never know.

I am very impressed by the United States of Pumpkin, though.

This makes me want to cry!

It has been impossible to find canned pumpkin but I was hoping...with autumn and all... :(

Oh no! There was a pumpkin shortage last year too! I was hoping it wouldn't continue. :(

Luckily, I still have one can saved that I found last year. I'll have to save it for something extra amazing.

FYI those Pumpkin Spice Kisses are one of my all time favorites. Just let them melt in your mouth... amazing!!

Love those cute pumpkin ideas! :) I'm going to have to try the Pumpkin Spice kisses - they also have candy corn kisses which are AMAZING! :)


Maine had a really great summer. The pumpkins have come early here, and when I drive by the fields I can see lots of them. Hopefully you will get your hands on some cans soon. :) good luck!

Weird! Luckily, my dad keeps a stock-pile of random baking goodies, so I'll just have to steal some from his pantry!

HA! I'm sooo impressed with the pumpkin burger! I hope this year's harvest is fruitful, my yearly contribution to Thanksgiving dinner is pumpkin cheesecake.

my mom & I just discovered the pumpkin shortage too! I have 1 big can in my pantry that I'm hoarding for pumpkin pie! funny how when you can't get it, it makes you want everything pumpkin!

So I should buy all the pumpkins across the street at the garden market and can them?

This is so hilarious because I did the exact same thing. After getting a sort-of-in-English-response, I proceeded to go to 4 other grocery stores over the next week, looking for pumpkin. Finally, I googled,lol and found out there was a pumpkin shortage. So much for pumpkin spice rolls and pumpkin cookies.
We are trying not to panic at the thought of holiays without pumpkin. It's going to be tough.

do you need an emergency shipment of canned pumpkin from out-of-state blog-friends? :)

i love, love, love pumpkin too, and this post just made my night! <3


nicole- you are too sweet! I couldn't ask for a shipment though. If I get desperate I will take the the canned pumpkin black market (aka ebay) like everybody else:)

last year i made pumpkin muffins with some vaguely pumpkin-looking squash...and they were even better than with regular pumpkin! cooking the squash from scratch (he he) is super easy and they are DE-lish!

If it makes you feel any better, canned pumkin doesn't exist here in Australia EVER and all my favorite recipes from home (Canada) call for canned pumpkin. It's been one of the things I miss the most!!!

Nooooooooooo. but what about pie and roasted pumpkin seeds (my fave?)

pumpkin always seems very expensive here :( but i shall look forward to it... cant even buy it tinned in the uk, but hoping we dont havea shortage too!

you are so stinking cute <3

I found a HUGE supply of canned pumpkin at my local Aldi (Sidney, Ohio) today... they were the only place in town that had it, and said they JUST got the shipment in, so if you have an ALDI near you, check with them ;) it wasn't in the baking section either, it was near their canned foods. good luck!

well thank god i stocked up on pumpkin last season! but i am running low... i think im down to 3 cans!

Aldi's .89 a can for pure pumpkin their normal price better get it while you's here in indianapolis

I want you to know i thought that the pumpkin shortage was a reginal thing until i could only find it at one store today. AND only lucked out because a man in town has giant turtles who only eat canned pumpkin.I've already told all my friends to start buying pumpkin early, lets hope for good pies this fall.

There was a pumpkin shortage last year too :( I've been buying several cans every time I find it because we wouldn't have had pumpkin pie last year if my cousin hadn't brought some from AL to MO when she came to visit.

I did read you can cook pumpkin though (well duh, but I wasn't sure it was the same). You need a not jack-o-lantern variety... which probably explains why my attempt to cook it yielded yucky pumpkin meh.

just fyi everybody--pumpkin from scratch is MUCH better than canned! I made pumpkin pie from scratch (the little pie pumpkins in the stores, the ones that look child sized) two years ago and even my children noticed the HUGE difference in taste. Seeing the pumpkins at the stores has them begging me to make it again already this year. Forget the canned pumpkin shortage and try cooking a real pumpkin, you will never look back.

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