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September 15, 2010


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I love it! I will have to try making sweet potato cupcakes.

Emma, you're hilarious. I LOVE reading your blog.

That's not only hilarious, but completely true for any baker :) I would stock pile too!

Oh word?
I need to try these.

Where did you find it?? I make a KILLER pumpkin butter and I haven't been able to find any yet.

oooh share the recipe for these please! :)

Aw man! Glad you found some beloved pumpkin, and also that you learned to improvise for those emergencies!

haha wow that's awesome!
yay for canned pumpkin!
though sweet potato cupcakes sound good, too!

Oh. Mygod. That is the greatest story ever and I officially think your family is awesome.

Ooo! Sweet potato sounds good!

I haven't found any pumpkin, but I had three cans in my pantry. Which was good news for my friend who makes yummmmmy mini pumpkin cheesecakes!

Today's lesson: Hoarding is GOOD! LOL


hahaha that is awesome!

and sweet potatoes are a good source or nutrients.. they're actually full of it... they deserve more credit...

and your cupcakes look lovely...

*sniffs screen*


I loved your idea of sweet potato cupcakes soo much...that I ended up making them right away after coming home from work...and I must say the are the most delicious things ever...and it somehow has such a festive feel to it...:)


These look delicious - though I am quite relieved that pumpkin can still be found! You've got some great ideas - I love following your blog and think it's great that you are so inspired by seasonal items and Barbara Kingsolver! Keep up the great work!

Somehow this induced panic within me and now I must RUSH to the store to get mine!

I'll bring you some pears tomorrow.

one of my all time favorite posts of yours. so witty :)

I had my guy on high alert after your post on the shortage, he managed to score some cans at the store but nowhere near as many as you! Got a good laugh out of your lemons and limes :)

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