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September 26, 2010


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It looks so yummy!

Thats made me so hungry. I love eating meat but Im terrible at cooking it, I never know how long to put it in the oven for or how to grill it.



What's your favorite Thai place in Springfield. So far, I've only tried Thai Peppers.

Andrea B.-Thai Peppers is my favorite. But for a quick lunch I also like Thai Express;)

Way to go. The most challenging thing I made this weekend was a grilled cheese sandwich. It was a lazy weekend. :)

Good for you, Emma.
I like how you went for the toughest-for-Emma thing you could imagine...and rocked it, I'm sure!

It was a BLAST cooking with you!!!!! And it kind of BLEW MY MIND when you wanted to do steaks ............................ Oh, but it was SO GOOD ....................................

How did your vegetarian tummy fare with the beef? I love the photo in your header! Rosie the Vegetarian riveter!

I'm so impressed you tackled a dish that you normally don't even EAT! A friend made me chimichurri with steak once and it was in-freaking-credible. I can see now why they use that condiment as readily as we use ketchup ;)

Oh and just to make you a little less grossed out by the meat you cooked, that red liquid that comes out of the meat actually isn't blood! Blood darkens and congeals when it isn't warm so there actually isn't any blood left in meat. That liquid is just red pigment in the meat that mixes with water in the meat. Sooooo....not really that gross at all!

Kindra-you are such a sweetheart for telling me this. I needed you in my kitchen this weekend:) Thanks for the info!

Wow talk about daring! Beautiful photos. You have my vote. Good luck in the competition.

Wow! Huge points for grilling a steak as a vegetarian. Talk about jumping in with both feet--well done (just like the steak)! You certainly have one of my votes:)

talk about going out of your comfort zone. good for you! you got my vote!

I love chimichurri. Great work!

You have my vote

I love the direction you took with this challenge. Very unique. And as a non-vegetarian, I must say it looks scrumptious. Youve got my vote. Good luck!

I love it! Very creative post and the steak looked delicious! You got my vote. Glad to find your blog. I'm not a vegetarian, I just eat like one sometimes :-)

Whoa. Crazy. I realized that the most uncomfortable I could make myself would be cooking meat of some kind, but I just couldn't bring myself to purchase it, let alone cook it.

But wait a minute, you didn't actually EAT the steak, did you???? After 4 years, you'd probably have the worst stomachache of your life!

Whoa you really went out of your comfort zone for this! Awesome job! The meat looks perfectly cooked and I love a good chimichurri. You've got my post!

If you want to check out my post I would really appreciate it!

Wow, you really win the award for breaking outside your comfort zone. Impressed. Voted for you and hope you vote for me :-D

Great post! Looks delicious. Stunning pics! I voted for you!

Good luck! =)

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Love the green color of that sauce. So appetizing.

this looks delicious :) Good luck with project food and you got my vote for this one! Feel free to drop by :) Good luck and best wishes for making to the top !! WOOHOO

jen @

Nice one. This deserves a vote for sure!

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