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September 24, 2010


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oh my snickerdoodles are my favorite i bet they are just delicious!

i baked some chocolate chip cookies earlier this week! yuummm. :D

Are you serious with this? I cannot even imagine the deliciousness...

i made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies on Monday!! ;-) mmm mmmm! and still eating Biscotti I made from last week! delicious!

ihave decided to try and make all the bread products we normally eat for the next month or so. cinnamon bread, white bread and some thin rolls were made yesterday AND chocolate zucchini cupcakes1


I whipped up some Red Velvet cupcakes for a boy this past Tuesday. It was his birthday and I thiiiiiiink he's officially smitten. Good news for me :D
I'm also waiting on my bananas to rippen a bit further so I can make my chocolate chip banana bread. It's stupid good. Hooray!!

I baked snickerdoodle blondies on Monday. They were delicious! Its the first "snickerdoodle" thing that I have tried. I might have to make regular snickerdoodles soon.

emma, these look amazing! ahhh!

These. Look. DELICIOUS.

I'm going to drive the 16 hour road trip to Springfield just for these, haha. Seriously.

... maybe.

I haven't baked anything except cornbread this week, but this weekend I'm trying my hand at apple cider donuts. Oh my. =)

Hello, I bake "une tarte au citron" ;)
Good luck for your future bakery store!
Have a great weekend

Yum! I made some chocolate chip banana nut mini muffins last week. And I found some canned pumpkin, so something will happen in my kitchen very soon!

white chocolate apricot almond cookies. The recipe called for a tablespoon of ground coffee in the batter, which sounded totally bizarre, but it gave the cookies this amazing depth and complexity.


i baked a frosted carot banana cake! Yum!

I baked a delicious chocolate & pecan cake and some onion bread, and another bread with something i don't remember its name in english: orégano. MM yummy i'm just about to eat one of this little breads right now!

I baked some spicy pumpkin cookies. My kids love it even if it is spicy they put more toppings to taste more the sweetness of the cookies. Loll. I love your snicker doodle recipe. We will try the recipe this weekend.

Those look delicious. I should try your recipe this weekend. Last Saturday I just bake some biscotti and it taste great! My kids love the biscotti especially when they dipped it in chocolate syrup.

I am SOOO excited to try this recipe!!!

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Hhhhhmmmm! Looks so yummy huh! Like you and your family, my family also love eating sweets! No doubt why some of us always go to the dentist. Haha! LOL!

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