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September 29, 2010


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Those cupcakes look delicious! I'm even hungrier now! ♥ the post! :)


Harry Potter makes me cry every time! I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Hahaha.

i believe i really like your blog.

That cupcake looks amazing! I just want to eat it up right now!

I always get teary during the Chronicles of Narnia. And I cannot wait for the new one!

i love this post, and i agree with you about the coffee>tea 100%

This is a good looking cupcake. I'd put that in Vogue.

cracking me up right now!

Haha I'll stand by all of these too!

this post made my day. you are too cute! you should email me sometime. i would love to hear how the shop is coming along!!

I have to say I agree with you on all counts except the coffee v. tea statement. But I'm a lover, not a fighter... so no fist fights!


there is a bakery not too far from my house (in south minneapolis, mn) that does a cookies and cream cupcake and the bottom of the cake is an open faced oreo - AMAZING surprise :)

*DROOL* I want.

Agree with everyone of your points!!

Lord of the Rings makes me cry. When Frodo leaves at the very very end? Oh my. Please don't speak to me right then.

Oh, yes, Narnia makes me cry. But, I disagree with your coffee claim. I prefer tea. :)

I've totally cried at Narnia, more than once.

I lol'd at Jefferson being a chump, because he totally was.

Yeah, I said totally twice. Now three times.

I agree on all but, tea is better than coffee!

Haha! Love this post! And that cupcake looks fantastic. I'm backing you up in the coffee v. tea debate.

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