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September 1, 2010


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Loved it!.................Try German Chocolate Cupcakes!!!

I love carrot cake cupcakes, too.
But my very very favorite ones are vanilla with raspberry frosting =)

What a decision...

My very favorite cupcakes are plain old vanilla buttercream.

If I had to choose an "exotic" flavor, I'd say cannoli.

Cannolis are exotic, right?

Oh jeez.

PS - I'm starving right now.


Definitely Lemon!

Oh, I love carrot cake! But I think my favorite cupcake ever is a Chai Tea cupcake. I got my recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World - it's superb!

I too, an quite a fan of Carrot Cake, especially with nuts and cream cheese frosting on top. The ones you made look devine!!

I love black forest, so I keep thinking about a chocolate cupcake with cherry pie filling in the middle, with a fluffy whipped cream and shaved chocolate on top.... mmm!

Easy peasy. German chocolate, or cherry basil.

Carrot cake is my FAVORITE!!

Hmm for spring and summer, lemon with raspberry filling are my fav. In the fall, pumpkin or carrot cake... and in winter, maybe chocolate with kahlua or something buttery/creamy?

LOVE what you are up to! Thanks for sharing!

Lemon Curd. I love the tang to offset all the sugar. Still searching for the perfect recipe. My sister made some snickerdoodle cupcakes with cinnamon rum buttercream frosting that I kind of fell in love with. Her recipe is here

yum yum... my mom is making carrot cake for our labor day cookout! carrot cake is some seriously exciting stuff! :)

my friend and i make really yummy lemon cupcakes with strawberry frosting! delish!

banana cake!!!! mmmmmmmm

I had a salted caramel cupcake in San Francisco that I was obsessed with. A vanilla bean cupcake, filled with salted caramel cream, and then topped with vanilla bean frosting (with more salted caramel cream in the middle).


Okay, so I haven't made them yet, but I really, really, really, would love to make rootbeer cupcakes with either marshmallow topping or vanilla bean icing.


I had a cupcake once that was Key lime, it had pie filling in the middle and toasted meringue as the frosting... DIVINE!!!

i'm all about the LEMON. definitely.

i had one by a baker here that was pistachio cardamom. with pistachio frosting. they were one of the best things i've ever put in my mouth....

you should try chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. its a cookie dough flavored cupcake with a hole cut in the top to stuff with (eggless) cookie dough.. and top with a buttercream (with cookie dough in it). its the most delicious thing i've ever tasted. recipe and pictures here:

French toast with cream cheese frosting! My mom makes gourmet cupcakes like yours. I think I'm rather spoiled.

Ooh these are so cute, Emma!
Carrot cake is my favorite, no doubts. And then lemon poppy-seed!

banana cupcakes and pistachio cupcakes sound amazing. i love to make almond poppyseed muffins and put frosting on them too! i would also love to try a homemade version of a classic hostess cupcake!! oh and coconut too. i can't believe anybody didn't say red velvet. those are pretty great too.

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