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September 17, 2010


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I was bad and skipped breakfast this morning... so the first thing I ate was a cheeseburger at lunchtime (we went out for Ryan's b-day) shame on me!

I like big breakfasts though. My favorite thing ever is going out for a big breakfast and then not eating lunch. :P

Marina had a leftover lemon/vanilla cupcake from sprinkles. That was my breakfast.

This weekend is my first rehearsal for my short film "Dirty Dishes."

I'm actually headed out to Cider Days on Walnut! Other than that, my boy and I are planning on thrifting and ALSO having big breakfasts. But probably for lunch, we're not early risers... :)

Ha ha! You're funny, Emma. I'm jealous of your happy rainbow mug :)

that breakfast looks delicious! ;-) mmm mmm!!! also, your cupcakes are seriously an inspiration to my baking dream! ;-) hehe!

haha how cute. I love the picture! I think I will make myself an oh so big breakfast this weekend as well. cheers!

This looks so good! I woke up super hungry at 4am...this would have been perfect!

my mom had that mug! Memories!!

Our family always does a big breakfast on Saturday mornings. It's one of my favorite times of the week.

oh I'm the same way! I wake up starving just about EVERY morning;) this looks delishh!

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