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August 12, 2010


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Yum! That looks so delish <3
I love tomato season...
I love making margarita pizzas, such a yummy way to use em up!! And pasta salads. yummies!

So good & easy enough to make! Thanks for sharing, I'll be trying this for sure. :)

That looks sooo yummy!!

My boss just brought in a ton of tomatoes from her garden for me and had been looking for something too to make. I think this is it!

Have a good weekend :)

oo I love caprese salad! this looks deeelish!

i just made a similar salad with the tomatoes from my farmshare box, except that i added a variety of pastas instead of bread and stuck with balsamic instead of pesto. It was yummy though, as i'm sure yours is!!

Mmm! Looks so good. I've never tried it with bread crumbs, I'll have to! I like to add some balsamic vinegar to it. mmm!

yum... i need to make this for lunch ASAP

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