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August 17, 2010


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This is going to be perfect for the leftover ginger stub I have from a pot roast recipe I made Sunday. Perfect timing, Thanks!

I'm so excited for this recipe, I love ginger ale but hate to drink the stuff at the store. I will have to try this!

I LOVE ginger ale so I definitely want to try this recipe out soon. Thanks girl!

i just cooked with ginger last night! i love ginger and funny i never really used to like it before but as i got older i really appreciated the taste. this recipe sounds yummy! thanks for sharing!


Ginger ale is my favorite drink ever. I want so right now =)
Thanks for sharing the recipe. Have to try it soon.

This sounds nifty! :)

Wow, never would've thought of making my own. Fun! :)

My best friends LOVE ginger ale. I am so telling them about this post. Thanks!

This sounds delicious! definitely going to try it!

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I just found your blog while I was searching for ideas for new goals. I killed two birds with one stone; I decided one of my goals would be to create one new thing each week, and my first creation will be this ginger ale recipe (it's one of my absolute fave beverages and I pay too much to get the good stuff that is made with real ginger and real sugar). Thank you!

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