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August 21, 2010


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I read Annie's blog, too.
And I love it. Her pictures and recipes are amazing.

You should read Use Real Butter ( She's phenomenal at all things food, equally amazing at photography, she's a cancer survivor, she sews, and she's totally sarcastic and funny.

!!! I'm not even a huge fan of s'mores but OH those look so good! And that jam! Ah.

She (Annie) really is amazing and to top it all off - by day she is a full-time physician! Blows my mind.

I read her too, and when I saw her s'mores oatmeal I nearly died of an awesomeness. I LOVE her blog and her photos too, and I just read the comment before me and found out she's a doctor too? Holy smokes.


I've been doing some research for uni and i came across this... thought you'd be a little in love...
Love Anna (Australia)

i wasnt aware of her blog but im glad you shared this! her recipes look amazing!

I have a friend who does amazing food photography too-

You actually introduced me to her blog in an earlier post and now I am addicted. I wish I could take photographs like hers!

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