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August 29, 2010


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i've been crushing on your blog for some time now but i just fell in love after your arrested development reference.

Pretty salad! I'm so ready for fall at this point. Also, krispy kreme for lunch? Yes, please. :)

Loved it!!!........................................................

I am definitely making this for my friend's pot luck style wedding reception. It's so pretty!!!

Jolie-Arrested Development forever. amen.

EmilyAnne-your friend is having a pot luck style reception, i have dreamed about having one, like since jr. high. that's so cool!!

oh wow. that looks so yummy!
ps. arrested development is THE BEST!

Um, this looks SO GOOD. Why can't you live closer so I can just get you to cook for me all of the time, hahaha. I'm totally craving Krispy Kreme now. We don't have any around me though... they have a ton more in the States. I think the closest one to me is probably Toronto? So I've got to settle for old fashioned plain doughnuts from Tim Hortons, haha.

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