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August 25, 2010


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AHHH I want the recipe! I've been looking for a bubble tea recipe for ages! please share :)

ooh, yes! please share the recipe!

What exactly IS bubble tea? I'm fascinated by it.

I will NEED this recipe!!! I finally found the pearls and have tried a couple different recipes, but they just didn't completely hit the spot. But blueberry....YUM!!!

Please share how to make! I wish I lived in MO so I could visit your tea room, but your recipe is the next best thing:)

bahhh!! i miss bubble tea, like, MAD! you should learn a thai coconut lassi. THEN, if you did, my girls and I will road trip to the red velv shop in the fall! :))

{psst, we will anyway!}

Crazy excited for you! Seriously, I can't imagine how much fun it's going to be for you to try all those flavors! :D


I am like SO in awe of you for making this! I love bubble tea and for some stupid reason it's impossible to find in AZ!

I really wish I could like tea. It looks so cute.

I didn´t know what bubble tea was either so I googled it.

Made me more curious! We don´t have it anywhere in Sweden....

we don't have it in germany either...i guess...

hey emma, wanna try pizzasnails?

;D Greetings

You must must MUST include red bean in your bubble tea line-up. Do so and I'll be there everyday. Every. Day.

Emma -- I used to work at a Mongolian Barbeque restaurant where we served Bubble Tea. We used to make sugar water to soak our 'bubbles' in every day. It made them SO good. Just a little sweet and slightly softer than they are normally. Everyone who came in was amazed and all said that after trying ours the 'regular' bubbles just didn't match up. We had a little serving spoon with holes that would drain the water before putting them in the cup..... Just an idea! :) Can't wait to try all your things!

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