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August 13, 2010


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I blogged mine yesterday :)

I participated. :)

and I did really think that your first goal was going to be cutting back the coffee... I was excited not to be the only one!! :P I'm having a suuuper hard time with it.

this is a great project.
I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!! I hope you've forgiven me of my lack of Sarah Palin knowledge and allergy to dogs... ha!

these are great goals! and yes the image is creepy...he looks like a skinny cracked out burt reynolds...i have yet to post about my goals..maybe next week i will find time!


I am! That image is super creepy...That's a fun goal though!

Gosh you are funny!
That guy looks like an uncle of mine. Actually wouldn't be suprised if it turned out to be him.
I have always wanted to go to a day spa but I am shy. Maybe that should be goal 5 for me.
I love your blog and like to see what you are cooking up next.

Me 6! I almost stole your email friends one, but then I thought against it. I am REALLY lazy. :|

I love this idea! I'm in:)

I am! I've already gotten started on my bedroom!

WHAT THE WHAT that photo is awful!

Your goals are awesome and sound totally doable. I'm thinking up 4 of my own to put up this evening and it's rough! All mine are either too easy or too hard. Awesome idea, I'm in love with it.

great goals miss! I should have added exercise to my list as well since my bicycle is all broken and I haven't been getting much of a workout lately. good luck!

here are mine:

i posted that album a while back and thought it was soooo funny!


this is mostly unrelated- except that it's about exercise. I just read this:
and thought of you (;
Hope everything is going wonderfully at the store!

I love that you're NOT cutting out coffee. I had thought about that, but there's just no way. Maybe I'll try to join you in having water before my coffee each morning....

Here are mine:

Oh my gosh that photo really creeped me out! But kinda made me laugh at the same time :p

Love the goals ... I really like how different everyones seem to be.

Here are my goals...

Aoife x

just make sure you sign up for a swedish massage, and not a deep tissue! those things will KILL you! hahaha. hope you enjoy it!:)

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You have kept it simple.
Do you regularly follow up your activities, you took the trouble to think about them and record them. I am looking at setting goals and timetable and need some help in setting them up. Ive googled Goal Setting and what I thought could be simple can be expensive and Americanized.I've got off the subject a bit but wondered just what may be helpful using this medium. Any good advice greatfully appreciated. Regards Phil.

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