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June 30, 2010


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congrats! i'm all for big changes!

i'm moving into a new house with my boyfriend tomorrow, so i can relate a little. I'm looking forward to settling down a little though. I've moved 4 times in the last year!

now if I can just get MY sister to move here and open a sweet shop with me - everything would be perfect!

I just read it on Elsie's blog and came here to check :). I'm really happy for you! Can't wait to see what you will be doing together!! It's so inspiring seeing you really 'doing things' and making your dreams come true.

Your banner is so funny! I saw it just now. When I first entered you blog now I couldn't see it -my internet is a bit slow so the text appeared first and I quickly strated reading and scrolling down and then saw you mentioned a new weird banner in the post below. I scrolled up to see it and I think I just strated laughing the moment I saw your picture! It's so cool :).

Oh, and about getting really excited over a new Harry Potter film - it's totally ok :). Although... I really don't like the movies so much... They are juse SO not good enough :(. They really don't do justice to J.K. Rowling's masterpiece... :( :( :( Peter Jeckson did an *amazing*, *excellent* & *beautiful* job with The Lord of the Rings and I wish the Harry Potter films were the same... but they're SO not. Ugh.

good luck with all the big moves!!

So happy for you about all the new things that are coming!
And omg lighting cookies!! I am also 24 and geeking out about Harry Potter so no worries :-)

Thats exciting, good luck!! That chocolate icecream sounds delicious :)

sooo exciting emma! you girls make a great team :)
and ps. i'm geeking out big time about harry potter. i saw the preview in theaters and i got goosebumps!

Emma, I'm so happy for you!!!

How very very exciting!!! Can't wait to see what you girls dream up. And I love your new blog header, OMG amazing.

I can definitely relate!
I'm moving from Texas to Maryland in August,
but its exciting!
New things are always good, as learning experiences if nothing else :)

Wow awesome, though it's a change, it's really awesome to be back with your family, I'm very close with my sisters too, and as you asked about big changes this year, i moved with my sister too!! And I looove living with her, such a kindred, long talks every night among cups and cups of tea, muffins (elsie's recipe w/modifications, deli), home made bread... It's quite nice to read about other sisters around the world, as friends as me & my sis :)

congrats and go ahead!

congrats on the big news. i hope the transition goes well. can't wait to see what you and your sis come up with. :)

Is your boyfriend going?

I saw this on Elsie's blog, and I'm very excited for you!

Good luck! Sounds like it's going to be so so so much fun. :)

Yay! I know Elsie will be happy to have you nearby. :)

I noticed your picture on the bottom... has anyone ever told you that you look like Kristin Chenoweth?

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