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June 28, 2010


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YUM! this almost looks like cheesecake.

have you heard of crack pie? everybody makes it sound like it's the best thing you will ever put in your mouth, so i kind of want to try it, but the ingredients are cuh-razy! like a million sticks of butter, haha.

I love Pushing Daisies too.
And I love pie too.
My favorite is blackberry pie.
This one sounds yummy too. I should give it a try. =)

#1- That pie sounds awesome.
#2- Your banner is beyond awesome.

really really love the new banner :D

Cool..................and I love your banner, your just a little Emma the Riveter!

Mmmmmmm Pie................and I love your banner, your just a little Emma the Riveter!

Oh I'm SO happy you tried this and it was good! I bookmarked a recipe for buttermilk pie because I was intrigued, but I haven't been brave enough yet try it. Now I can't wait! p.s. Have you ever tried vinegar pie? That's another one I'm curious.about...

I'm from Kentucky and here you can order Buttermilk pie at a lot of restaurants and any pie shop. I usually make it for Thanksgiving and it is truly one of my favorites. It's so simple and rich.

yum yum!
ps. your new blog header is so so cute!

I think you left off the melted butter quantity.... I'm guessing it's a cup, because that's what Joy the Baker says, but just thought I'd tell you :o) I am so making this for breakfast!

I've been making buttermilk pies for years and years! It's been passed down for generations in my family. I usually cook mine longer then the recipe calls for - I leave it in until the top is golden brown and has cracked. When I make this pie - I ALWAYS have to make 2!

So I'm totally making this for breakfast tomorrow morning...

I'm also working tonight so when I get home and make the house all toasty with a pre-made fire (I live in Brisbane Australia and not only is it winter here but we're having a cold snap) I'm going to pastry it up and make the pie when I grumble my way out of bed with supervision from our cat & dogs.

It's going to be amazing... I'm thinking of serving it with fresh fruits... any other suggestions??

Thanks Emma! Good luck with your move!

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