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March 27, 2010


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I meant to watch this Friday night...and totally forgot. I'm glad it's up on hulu now. This is something my husband and I have been thinking about a lot lately -- mainly where our food comes from and what's added to it. We're trying to figure out how to make simple meals that don't come from a box. Which is one of the many reasons why I enjoy your blog so much. Thanks for all the healthy inspiration!

I watched the first episode last week and am completely hooked. My little family is starting to eat more healthy and, being on a tight budget, I have found it a great creative outlet to try to new things and think up healthier substitutes. I'm excited to see what changes come about in the community Jamie is working in.

Ive always ate pretty healthy. But i watched Food Inc. and it totally changed my view on food. I buy alot more fresh things, cage free eggs and organic foods. You should really watch it. If you liked jamies show you will for sure like that dvd.

Kel x

wow. This sounds a lot like me. Recently (past two years) I have read non-stop about food and it has totally changed how my family eats. From Slow Food USA (Alice Waters--check her out!) to The China Study to etc.etc.
I watched teh first episode of this and loved it, too. Can't wait to see it again!
Sarah M

Watching his show completely depressed me. I am vegetarian and love eating healthy and putting good things in my body and when a six year old doesn't know what a potato is, there is a real problem with our education system and parenting. I will admit to have been a picky eater but coming from a family who ate healthy and naturally I can only be grateful to my parents. Food Inc is a great movie to see if you like Jamie Oliver's show too. I highly suggest it:)

I completely agree! Food is the one of the main sources of many of our diseases out there. Wouldn't people want to change their diet to live longer and healthier lives? You might be interested in this book called "The Maker's Diet" by Jordan Rubin. He is the man that started the "Garden of Life" vitamin line. Pretty much it is about eating only what God had intended us to eat back in the Old Testament. It is a very good book especially since the author had suffered from an unknown disease for TWO YEARS, constant vomiting and no medicine did any good. It wasn't until he started eating fresh and natural foods and eating only the foods God wanted us that he eventually was healed from his sickness. Great book! And I love your blog...I am a huge foodie and it's great to meet another huge foodie!

I love Jamie Oliver, too. I hope Food Revolution will be on in Germany soon, too. His past shows have already been great. Plus I love his cookbooks. I think it is amazing what he is doing - AND it is very important.

I totally second your opinion on how important food is for us and that it effects us.
My family and I rather pay a little more for organic food (vegetables, fruit, milk, eggs etc.) than get the "regular" kind. We even grow our own spinach, lettuce, some berries, apples and some other things in our garden. And what is better than harvest your own spinach and turn it into a great salad for dinner? Which actually reminds me of doing that right now. =)

thank you so much. i recently discovered your blog, and i think it's amazing! i also have a passion for food, but not only to feed people, but feed people well. feed them food that their bodies were intended to eat, not the crap that we have made the norm in society. it's encouraging to see another passionate soul striving for the best in regards to food. so thanks. :)

i also agree with the above comment about "the maker's diet" book. it is very good, as are the garden of life vitamins.

I watched the show Friday night and it really opened up my eyes. I was actually thinking about your blog, as I read it, saying to myself that it sounded so much like Emma! It inspired me to try to be more like you and Jamie, and try harder to keep all food simple, natural and with "ingredients my grandma would recognize" :)

I watched most of that show and it made me so angry that kids were being fed this way every day at school.

Made me think a lot about what I eat and how I can start to change that. :)

I LOVE this show! I recorded both episodes and have watched them a couple times. It completely inspired me to eat healthier!

I totally got riled up about this on my Facebook page because I saw Jamie on Oprah and I just got a little faint even thinking about some of the crap that I eat and that my baby eats sometimes. Needless to say, a few people got offended that I would say that eating healthy is one of the most important things in life. It really made me physically ill to hear people say that worrying about healthy eating is just over the top.

I looooooove me some Jamie Oliver and applaud his courage to go in and rustle some feathers (especially those lunch ladies -- they would scare the pants off of me). I've learned so much about healthier, fresh eating over the past 6 years or so and it has revolutionized the way I eat and the way I cook for those I love.

I'm so excited about the revolution and really hope that it catches on more and more. Thanks for the Hulu tip as well -- I just watched the first two episodes!

Its so great to read your post & everybodys comments about Jamie. He's huge here in the UK but i didn't know what you guys think of him over there. I'm lucky enough to work in one of his restaurants & therefore eating great, fresh, affordable food all of the time :)

i have to pipe in and recommend the cookbook that you have pictured, i've had it over a year and it's great!
oh and you can subscribe to emails from jamie too, with recipes, etc. :)

I didn't hear about this show until today (and read your blog today) but I can't wait to watch. I'm a little behind on getting shows here in Italy and just wanted to thank you for linking to hulu. I didn't know about it. I'll probably spend all night catching up on cool shows!

i couldn't agree more. what we eat is soo important. i read 'eating animals' (got the recommendation from you, thanks!). i have been vegetarian since 1997 but that book prompted me to go vegan. i'm doing it a bit at a time but i'm happy with my decision. so...thanks for having an awesome blog that made me read the book that made me go vegan. :)

I had it on my dvr from this week.. I absolutely LOVE it. I'm a huge Jamie Oliver fan anyway.. but the show really is so great. And you can tell he really cares a lot about the project.

I have a huge crush on Jamie Oliver. I saw him on the tail end of oprah the other day but I didn't know his show was on yet. I'm going to have to watch it online tonight.

Love Jamie!! And his show! I hope he has huge success with the show here in America because America direly needs it!!!

lovin the show! i DVR'ed it last Friday and went to bed. my 11 yr old boy told me the next morning he watched my show last night and it was really good. then when i was watching it my hub walked in and said oh watch this next part. might i mention these two fight me every step of the healthy eating way? jaime is working miracles.

thanks for posting the encouragement for vegetarianism! i've been trying really hard for the last couple of weeks to keep meat out of my diet and i've felt better and better about the decision as i've gone along. it's a hard adjustment, but i'm looking forward to discovering new great recipes and foods along the way!

I have the book, released after the series ended over here int he UK last year and it is great! (the show and the book!)

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