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January 25, 2010


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It looks very cute... I've had the same trouble with trying to make red icing too.

still looks mighty tasty :D

Happy Birthday to your boyfriend! Funfetti cake is my favorite! Have you ever tried making cookies out of it? DELICIOUS!

That sounds perfectly magical to me. If the cake had come out as you'd hoped it would have been forgotten in a week. This cake, and the love you put into it, will be remembered and smiled about for years. There isn't anything NOT magical about that. xoxo

Too cute with the one layer anyway!
It's the thought that counts!!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Boyfriend.

Oh no! I'm sorry you had a bad day! I definitely know how those go. :(

Maybe next time add a drop or so of black food coloring to make it darker?

Thanks for sharing the link on the cake. I think Snoopy makes any cake a happy cake!

The first year I ever made a cake from scratch for my husband, I stupidly sat the cake plate too close to the sink, and then I knocked it in the sink. It was one of those slo-mo things, and somehow I caught it and it broke. I managed to hang on to most of it, so it looked really goofy-sort of like someone had bitten off some of it. It tasted really good though!

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