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December 5, 2009


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Oh shoot- I was hoping the book Julie and Julia was going to be good.. it's on my Christmas list!

ally-you may still like it, don't take just my word for it! a lot of people must love it or it wouldn't have been made into a film.

i loved holes, too! and i couldn't get into angels and demons, either. i loved the da vinci code (surprising and not usually the type of book i read!), but i didn't even make it halfway through angels and demons before deciding it SUCKED. :)

omggg i love the movie holes so much!!
i'm sure you'll love it.
it's really funny and exactly like the book.

I agree with Julie/Julia. I read the book this summer while on vacation and I thought it was a real drag. I was reluctant to watch the movie but ended up loving the movie- it is rare that the movie is better than the book- but this was totally the case with J&J.

I read Friday Night Knitting club last winter and really enjoyed it- not sure if I enjoyed it enough to want to read the second one though.

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