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November 30, 2009


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Never had them but must make them now!!! Thanks.

these remind me of english bombskis or yorkshire puddings that we have with a roast dinner.

Your Dad loves them too and being it's Winter here, hot from the oven is even better...........with a glass of milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LuvU

I think it's the same as a yorkshire pudding! Do you eat them with gravy?

drummbellina yep we have them with gravy!!! delicous!!!

yummmmmm i loooooove popovers!!! my grandma made them all the time whenever we went over there for roast beef dinner on sundays when i was little. (i believe they are the exact same thing as yorkshire pudding, just smaller versions) i love how they are the perfect home for a little pool of gravy :)one year for my birthday a couple years ago a friend made me an entire tray of popovers as a birthday present - best gift ever!

They look so delicious! I love popovers (Although here we call them Yorkshire Puddings) Great with Gravy, Stuffing, Potato's and Veg :) Yummy!

I'm in the process of making these! I hope they turn out well; I've never had a popover before.

It turned out great! They're so delicious. Thank you :)

I just want you to know that I making these right now...and i'm going to post it on my blog how they turn out. they are looking so good. I'm so tempted to open the're not supposed to. My husband is like, what the hell are you making in there!!! they're cute and easy and we're eating them with breakfast...

They're Yorkshire Puddings! I'm from Yorkshire! Doesn't matter what the size, they're still Yorkshires haha :) xx

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