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May 31, 2007



Really, really cute! Can't wait!


oh my gosh, this kit freaking rocks!


rawkin awesome--i am so excited!!

elsie flannigan

YAY! i am freaking out! :) gonna work on this over the weekend... (i HOPE)... seriously, it is a delicious Kit, R. you did GOOD!!!


I could not get my email to go thru to order one?? bad email address ?

rachel denbow

Check to make sure you changed the (at) and (dot) to @ and .
This is to avoid spam mail from computer generated searches. That might be the problem. Sorry about that!

miss morgan

this kit is killer! it's my birthdya in a few days so maybe i will be able to convince someone that this would be the best last minute gift EVER!


I sent my email request in on the first. Should I be concerned that I haven't yet receieved a Paypal invoice? I don't want to miss out on this kit.
Lea =)

Miriam Kaye (Australia)

Hi, I also sent my email request on the 5th and have not received confirmation or a Paypal Invoice? Do I need to resend the request?

Thank you :D

rachel denbow

If you are haven't received an invoice yet, please e-mail Emma again here:


(The above address was written so as not to be copied by a computer. You would have had to manually change the @ and .)

If that wasn't the issue, it may be that she's still working on them. Thanks for letting us know and we'll get you a kit right away.


Sara Berry

Hi Rachel, just stopping by to check out your kit! It is super-cute! Thanks for your comments on my blog...I never think anyone is reading it, so it is like a little present when I see sweet comments from great people! Sara

Lindsey Trego

Are these still available for purchase?

Lindsey Trego

Are these still available for purchase?

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