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September 07, 2009


Oh my goodness!! I am in love with the felt cover!! I guess I know what I will be working on today :) Your planner is soooo cute. Thank you for all the inspiration.

this is making me REEEEAAAALLLLLY tempted to buy one of these.... hahaha you really do know how to sell your work! haha

love it. love it.

wow!!! i love your planner!!! may i buy it? ;D thank you so much for sharing- this is an awesome tutorial & big time crafty inspiration for me. fantastic!!! cheers

wow just found this via threadbanger and twitter - isnt technology fab?! Thanks for sharing, i wanna make one now - will put it on my to do list.. (to be added to my planner later!)

This is amazing! I make planners and templates too and am completely obsessed!

Great job.

omg this is so cool!the idea is great and the result amazing!congrats!

elsie, what kind of glue do you use to adere the calendars to the chipboard ??

you have completely inspired me.

you're really great. thanks for giving an idea how to make an awesome planner.

Hi, I was wondering if this sale, I want one for 2012

any chance we can get a 2012 planner kit.. a pdf of the printables :)

Thanks, I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

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