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March 2, 2011


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I love your smile in the last picture!

Those shoes from Target are SO freaking cute! Love the outfit.

too cute! love the poncho!

i got an awesome orange cardigan with citrus fruit appliques on it for my birthday today. gifts can really be great can't they??

I have those shoes!! arent they great. And dear goodness i lov elove love your pancho
gorgeous girl

Hey Emma, I have some questions about your bakery and how you got around business wise, do you have a email where I could explain all my questions for you :)
- xoxo caitlin

This is a lovely outfit!
I think you should do more video blogging, It was great to have some updates in video form! :)

that poncho is fantastic!! Rachel has the greatest luck thrifting. er, I mean skill. She has such a good eye.
You look great!!

I like your blog! I especially like it when it doesn't make me hungry for things I shouldn't be eating...So with that being said...more cute outfit posts would be nice... You've got stellar, personal style...
Have a great day!

Emma, you have such a gorgeous smile. I'm so please that we have finally seen it.

what a cool kind indeed! very unique! Love the heels too. :)

Wow, that poncho is so cute! And I have those clogs - they're my favorite at the moment. :)

I think the time you start to either LOVE or HATE shorts is when puberty strikes (for the ladies at least). All those hormones either making you want to show things off to get attention or cover thing up because you think you'll receive negative attention. I generally don't wear shorts because I'm really pale. I'm back in Portland, OR so they are use to pale here but back home in San Diego, CA they would make jokes. The joke will be on them when my skin has fewer wrinkles in 50 years!
Anyway, I totally understand about the shorts thing!

Wow - I Loooove that poncho!! I'm jealous :)

I see a smile! First time I see you smile like that. Atta girl! You're gorgeous.

Greets, another Emma who also hesitate to show her teeth when pictures are taken.

(This is my first post here, but I'm no crazy lurker lady, oh no ;) )

Oh my gosh, I am the same way about shorts! Love the poncho!

caitlin- you can email me at: emma AT redvelvetart DOT com and i will do my best. Also, Elsie and I will releasing a small business e-course in May. Just saying... :)

I was on the fence when I saw those shoes in Target the other day but they look so cuuuttteee on!!! :)

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