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March 10, 2011


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Thanks ! I'm gonna try this for the weekend brunch this week. Looks soooo good.

I LOVE breakfast for dinner. My boyfriend always makes fun of me because I'll suggest scrambled tofu + sausage or waffles + hashbrowns for dinner at least once per week.

But, I must admit - although tofu is a sufficient egg replacer, I really miss the consistency of eggs.

Yum, those look great! I'm so happy to have come across your blog the other day, what great food (and pictures) you share!

okay, breakfast burritos is my second all time fave breakfast item. (omelets being my #1. you should do an omelet post, and if you have - you should link me to it). xo

Making this for dinner tonight!

these are defffffinetly being accomplished tomorrow!! Your posts are hilarious, such a good read!


Hello there!

so this is totally non related to the delicious looking food you just made, but I saw this over at Bake It Pretty and had to share with you.

cupcake fondue!

Looks yum-o.. I decided to become a vegetarian this week... I'm on day 4. I highly doubt I'll make it another week without All I've been eating is falafel and gardenburgers. It's getting old.. Maybe I just need some new recipes?? If this vegetarian thing fails,I'm still definitely attempting to downsize the meat consumption for sure...
Thanks for the recipe!

Is it socially acceptable to eat burritos for every meal? I think by posting this, you're saying that it is. I will take that as Word.

YUM! I am SO making this!! thanks Emma :)

that looks yummy. i'm pretty sure nothing is more awesome to wake up to than a big breakfast burrito and cup of coffee.

You can also make a bunch of burritos to freeze, they are so delicious! I recommend beans and rice (brown rice + beans = complete protein) because when you microwave the egg burritos they puff up real big and then are a little watery. Probably you aren't supposed to freeze and then microwave scrambled eggs or something. *shrug*

Wow, these look great! I'm looking for ways to eat more meatless meals, and I definitely plan to try this. Also, awesome alliteration. :)

If you're craving some after-breakfast cookies, check out the banana chocolate chip cookie recipe on my blog, :)

These look awesome! I'm a huge fan of interesting breakfast sandwiches- especially now that I have a panini maker!


driving while eating a chocolate dipped cone is pretty impossible too!


And wow -- you're on a roll, you witty girl! :)


the most awesome mexican recipe I've ever seen in my whole life! I mean it!

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