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January 6, 2011


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I am definitely stealing my mom's old cookie press to make cookies like these!
P.S. One of the many reasons vegan baking rocks is that you can halve recipes that call for an odd number of eggs because you can easily halve the amount of egg replacer you use!

They're cute! That's one kitchen gadget I wouldn't mind having. My mom used to own an old fashioned cookie press. I should have swiped it before I moved out.

I love, love, love my cookie press, its an antique that I found at a garage sale for 10 cents (hehe). I make green Christmas tree spritz cookies all year round (because they taste the best)

oh gosh, those look so GOOD! kinda reminds me of the cookies my grandma makes every christmas

Hi emma!
I love this recipe and did it today..was very delicious! I laughed about the 1/2 egg and was still chuckling a little whilst making them in the kitchen..
Your blog has become a daily read for your style of writing and your recipes!


Those look delicious! I think I will experiment in making them one day and substituting in soy flour. *here's to hoping they will turn out!*

This is so neat. This reminded me of a cute story about cookie presses (those exist...who knew?) We recently had a dirty Santa gift exchange. One of the gifts was a cookie press. There was a little boy there who desperately wanted it, because he thought it was a cookie gun that shot out a nerf gun.

I always loved the tins of Danish butter cookies my family got for Christmas... Lucky for me, no one else in my family really cared for them!

is it possible to substitute margerine instead of butter?

every recipe i have tried online has failed me hopefully this one is a go.

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