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July 21, 2010


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This looks good as we are still getting a few zuc-chin-i-s from the garden. Mom does this squash casserole
and I love it as it tastes like butter! We use yellow straight or crooked necked squash, good stuff. Can't wait to see you...................................... love you.....

I always bring up the song, "Sweet Caroline" when people comment on my name. And Neil Diamond wrote that song in like the '70s.

So we can out of's okay.

That galette looks SCRUMPTIOUS. I love zucchini; I recently found a recipe for zucchini whoopie pies that I want to try, also. YUM!

Oh. My. Goonies.
This looks so amazing!!!
We actually have been growing zucchini in our garden this year and my husband's been cranking out some serious "crustless" quiches with zucccccccchini and onions. YUM. I'm starving now.

that looks delicious! i get an organic box of food each week and during the summer we get crazy amounts of zucchini and squash, this will be a great recipe to try out! and i myself am a list maker too! it helps ease the stress of the millions of things i have to do in a day :D


i tried to make two tonight....simply delicious!!thanks a lot!

Haha you make me laugh! (And I realize this will probably sound totally creepy... but I had a dream about you and James - from bleubird vintage - the other night. We were hanging out on a rooftop somewhere?) This looks delicious.

Okay...I just came across your blog today, and I simply adore it! I can NOT stop looking at all of this yummy food you make, all I wanna do is bake my little heart out! I love that you ramble, and most of all I LOVE you name. My 2 year old daughters name is Emma :)
Nice to meet you Emma, I look forward to becoming your new blog stocker!! ;)

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