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July 22, 2010


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I am a night owl...but kind of a morning person as well. Even when I go to bed at 3 a.m. I can get up in the morning and smile, be happy and talkative. No grumpiness or anything like that.

Lucky! I've always wanted to be a morning person, but I have never ever in my life been one. Even when I go to bed early & wake up early, I still feel grouchy.

I seriously dislike getting up in the mornings but make myself do it (love having more of my day to enjoy). Besides, once I'm up and have 15 minutes under my belt, I turn into that chipper morning person :-)

I went through a couple weeks about two months ago, when I'd wake up at about 5, or 6! I normally like to sleep in until 7:30. I'd wake up, and wonder what to do. A couple mornings I watched some movies, and then I started going for drives and stops for hot chocolate or mochas! I did find it really relaxing and peaceful, driving around by myself, sipping away, and enjoying the quite mornings. (My fiance did think I lost it though)

i dont know what i am! haha im ready to pass out by 11PM pretty much every night and cant get up in the AM to save my life! i HAVE to get up super early for work (630) but on the weekends i can sleep in till 11 or noon! i love sleep obviously haha

Me! I'm a morning person and a college student, which don't always go well together. I like early classes so that i can still have use of the afternoon. Just last night my friends were going out, and invited me to come- at 11:40! I had to politely decline. Whatever happened to dinner parties?

Me too! I guess all those years of working the opening shift at coffee shops and restaurants made me so. But I love the peacefulness of early mornings, and it's nice to have my to-do list done before most people have even turned over in their beds. Here's to us morning folks!

I have been a morning person my whole life, even as a kid. When I was 4 years old, I remember my parents getting me 'hooked' to Mouseercisis on the Disney Channel and Mr. Wizard which started at 6am just so that they could sleep in until 7. Now that I am an adult, I have to say being a morning person does suck on the weekends when no one wants to go to breakfast instead of a midnight dinner, but as a working girl it is great. Having your boss see how much you got done before lunch only leads to promotions and recognitions. Rock on girl!

Hollaaa! I'm totally a morning person too. Takes me a bit before I get out of bed but when I'm up I'm UP. I love to pass out before 12 every night and I'm usually bursting out of bed by 7. Woohoo mornings!

You're sooo lucky! I wish I was a morning person! I usually go to sleep when people are waking up! Around 5-6am. I always feel more creative at night for some reason!

Me and mornings are like THIS. In fact, it's just after 7 in the morning where I am as I am typing this. After work I just find I can't do anything useful.

I'm definitely a morning person, the sooner you get the chores done the sooner you can do fun stuff!

I generally like the morning...I used to call myself a nightowl, but not so much in the last couple of the years. And the middle of the day? Ugh.

if I can get to bed by that 10:00 mark, then I'm a morning person. : ) without my sleep though, I'm just miserable. my poor husband, lol.

I wish I was a morning person.
I'm a night person. If I had my way, I'd be up till 3 or 4 and awake around noon. I'm also much more creative at night.

Unfortunately, my job does not allow for that. I was able to push my start time to 10/10:30, which means I hop out of bed and 9:30, throw some clothes on and fly out the door.

le sigh

I WISH I was a morning person!

In highschool I thought I was a nightowl but that was because I drank coffee really late and studied really late (nerd). But then I stopped drinking coffee and I realized I am a morning person and I too like to be home and getting ready for bed around 10:00.

I actually still feel strange around my cool friends who like to be out late when I can't wait to be in bed so I can get up early to go on a long bike ride first thing in the AM.

Glad I'm not the only one.

Raising hand proudly! I love the quietness of the morning time, and take great delight in hitting the hay early. Early risers, unite!

So jealous, wish I was a morning person. I love having a lie in on my day off, but then I feel like I've wasted half my day. I like to get up about 8/9am on my day off to make the most of it. But I don't wake up properly until 3pm if I've had to get up for work.

Definitely a morning person! My friends call me "Granny". I just smile and bake them cookies and enjoy being well-rested. :)

I will not deny it. Us night people are wicked cool. But secretly we're jealous of those of you who have the self restraint to be able to go to bed at a decent hour.

you just wrote it down perfectly.
this is just the way ist is.

Hehe. I love this post. I'm not a morning person and I envy you and all the morning people out there. I try so hard to get in the morning routine and I fail over and over again.

oh my gosh. I am totally the same way. Last night even, I was in my comfies around 9:30 and reading and a friend called to invite me to the show. I was way too embarrassed to say I was going to bed so I made something up. Lame! Why can't we be proud! Night people are proud! I'm totally pumped that I'm awake right now about to brew a lovely pot of coffee and sit with my pup.

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