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July 23, 2010


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funny you posted outfit today is very striped shirt and wide legged sailor pants...i feel like i should be whistling a funny little tune...

by the way i love that mixer, i want one too!


that mixer is on the top of my wish list! I think I would like the 'pear' one. :)

i definitely recommend that french press, I've been enjoying mine so far! ;)

happy weekend, Emma! xo

kelly ripa is on the advertisement on your page.

your idol.

what does this mean?

We have that red bodum press and it makes some yummy coffee :)

I have the KA mixer in empire red. That's a kitchen tool I'll never let go of. It's amazing! I find myself venturing more in the culinary arts since I got it and I'm slowly adding more attachments to it!

Waaaaa! I'm in love with that color of Kitchen Aid mixer! I got mine years ago - about 11, before the "fun" colors came out. Boo hoo! hehe

I looove that color mixer too!
wouldn't it make cooking/baking life so much easier with one!

I have that mixer. I luff it -- check out amazon's refurbished for a steal of a deal if you get one - mine is perfect and I've had it for four years with no problems and paid like 100 less than if it was brand new.

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