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July 6, 2010


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Sometimes I wish I ate/liked bananas... they look so yummy.

These look great! What type of pan did you cook these bite-sized loafs in? (This question will surely expose my amateur baking status...LOL) They are too cute! :)

I am echoing anita's question - what type of pan did you use??? I love the idea of these and would love to bake them and then freeze them for whenever. Thanks for the idea!

I fully support the chocolate over boys and health! I have some banana's languishing away, it will be nice to make something in addition to the obligatory banana bread :)

Cute and scrumptious! Anita and Chris, I don't know what Emma used, but I have a silicone mini brownie pan from Michael's that I think will be perfect for this.

These reminded me of chocolate dipped Biscotti, but I am thrilled to see that these are bite sized cake. The size is perfect for a buffet spread and also to pop in a couple to snack on. Lovely recipe! Thanks for sharing.

Art originates from life, but higher than life!

Love your new banner! Too cute!

Now that Tommy has extracted as much money as he can from Hollywood liberals and Wall Street, he'll try to 'run to the right' - but he shouldn't delude himself into thinking that his track record won't follow him.

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