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June 9, 2010


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we *just* tried Lentil Burgers (actually, lentil + walnut from Martha Stewart's Great Food Fast cookbook) last week and they were SO tasty....the only thing was I should have added another egg...they were super crumbly. My husband doesn't eat meat and I eat it sparingly (read: only at Chipotle, ha!) so this was a must-learn for summer!
Yours look like they turned out great!
Sarah M

I really want to try this -- now that it's summer, I can actually make time to try some of your recipes!

Looks delicious. Also, I am loving the new banner on your site. Very retro and summery!

thank you so much for making this!! you are amazing! I have to try this, any suggestions on what I could use instead of egg (I'm vegan) you are awesome!

Lentils are so good...I'm so glad you posted this recipe!

i've been wanting to learn how to make my own veggie burgers too. thanks so much for the recipe.

Love your blog! The recipes are great. I have been working on a black bean recipe this week!

Or kaffir leaves for that matter. We do some fusion but it's way more subtle like using lemon grass in a chicken sauce or five spice as a garnish on one of the fish dishes.

Noooo, don't torture me!! We are having a very anaemic summer at the moment so you're not missing much... Have a ball in Greece!

And I'm glad you enjoyed the skewers - but I'm afraid your combat trousers were about the only manly thing I could detect about you, so you're safe on that count!! ;-)

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wellllll, that looks disgusting. I don't plan on eating Lentl burger any time soon. I guess if I was starved I would... just gross looking

Great idea, great post and sounds good! Thanks for sharing.

OMG looks soo good

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