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March 11, 2010


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Mmmm! Those look yummy! I'm curious as to what frosting recipe you use. If you use powdered sugar, a tip is to whack the box on the corner of your counter to help get the lumps out.

these look sooo yummy! I've been so into lemon desserts lately.. this is perfect! :)

are you using powdered sugar for the icing? it turns out SUUUPER smooth if you do.

These sounds delicious! Might have a go at making some this weekend....

citrus also reminds me of spring. these look wonderful!

those look like ketchup paper cups

oh yummmmo! this is funny because i was reading this and then i could actually smell the lemons!!! i just told my hubby because i thought it was amazing and he said "yeah... i just cut lemons for the iced tea!" haha!

i'm def going to try these. thanks emma!

if it's coming out lumpy try using powdered sugar and creaming the butter or cream cheese first. then, add the sugar with a sifter.. it makes it much smoother!

This is the best recipe I've ever found for icing!

They look so yummy!

I'll go to try this recipe, just the picture is enough for me...


Delicious!! Here is an easy peasy lemon frosting recipe-

um, those look insanely good.

Where did you get those cupcake liners? They are so retro looking.

These are so good, I've made two batches in the last 10 days. They freeze so well too.
I have to admit that I some how forgot to add the milk in the first lot, must have been distracted, they were still great but whoa, with the milk they were so soft and delicious. I'll be making these again and again.
Thanks for sharing.


Can't wait to try these...

i love the cupcakes, and also the lemon, so, guess what i love the most....

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