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March 29, 2010


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No, my husband and I also agree - considering all of the effort involved we just don't get the hype, it's nice but it ain't great

Well, at least they're cute, right? I didn't even realize there was a crunch involved. :)

I've never had them before.. and after seeing the movie I really wanted to... still do because I know everyone is different. Maybe try them from somewhere else?

me too. I love all the pretty pastel colors but the taste and consistency...blah!

I tried them for the first time last week and was left wondering the same thing: I don't get what the fuss is about. There is nothing remarkable about the cookie other than it is aesthetically pleasing. I love pictures of the cookie, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat them again.

I personally love them and the texture. I think they're the kind of thing you either love them or you don't. I do prefer fruity flavors though maybe you should try that.

at first I was challenged to make them when I heard they how difficult they were. So I tried them, and tried again and again until I got them right...... yay, but did I eat them all? nope.
I'm with ya a bit on this one. They are gorgeous, and sort of like a trophy when you make them and they turn out, but not super tasty.
The best ones I've tried were lemon, and they were a little underbaked, so more chewy than crunchy. I think it was the lemon buttercream that helped too. The almond cookie part is quite bland....
I like to take photos of them more than eat them.

I made them one weekend and had never eaten them before so I wasn't sure if they turned out right. I gave one to my mum and she said that it was exactly what they're meant to taste like. They were coconut and I like cocnut so I thought they were good but I think coffee sounds like a gross flavour (mostly because I hate coffee). I also have a friend who went to Paris and ate them there and said they tasted better than the ones she had in Australia (its's where we live).

but seriously. i agree.. they don't look that good, but they are SOOOOO pretty.

it's b.c they look cute in rainbow colors for photos.

i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meh, I don't get it either. I was certain I would love this gorgeous "cookie" but I too was underwhelmed and didn't care for the taste at all.

They are pretty though.

They are lovely, but agreed, they don't really float my boat either. I like a cookie with some body and girth -- like a big, delicious, chewy, melty, hearty cookie.

I guess my cookie tastes are just a little too macho for macaroons!

Oh my, i LOVE them. They are cute and fluffy with a crunchy top. A little taste of heaven. ha! okay i think you get the picture. :)

Kel x

my dad spent some time perfecting his recipe and he makes some exciting flavors like green tea and rose. I certainly enjoy eating his but they're far too much effort for me to bother with...

I LOVE macarrons!
Maybe you just haven't tasted the right flavor or the right "brand"... ;)

awww, I absolutely LOVE them! There is something about the crunchy and chewy that is amazing. vanilla and chocolate are divine. I've been meaning to make them and then I forget about that whole - leave eggs out for 24 hours thing and I can never remember to do that. I'm more of a last minute baker!!

seriously though, keep trying them if you get the chance and I think you'll find an amazing one!

i'm with you. i dont understand that whole big to-do about them either. i prefer the snickerdoodle cookie! :)

Well, the blogs have been making macarons like crazy and they sound difficult too. I had some in Paris when I was there are thought they were divine. The foodie bloggers are experimenting with all sorts of flavors and colors. I haven't tried them yet, but during our long, hot boring summer in Florida I might just attempt them. I'll be sure to let you know if they're worth the effort!

if you had crunchy ones they were probably stale or over baked. whenever i've had a great macaroon it was mostly chewy. i love salted caramel ones and i've also had good white chocolate/berry flavored fillings.

i actually made them for the first time recently and didn't find them to be too difficult. you just have to find the right recipe.

i think it just depends on what you think makes a good cookie. if you're looking for thick and buttery, a french macaroon is not for you.

i didn't know but the macaroons are delicious and easy to make it. Yet all, we must to learn more about this and others ways to finds recipes, it's all about tastes and flavors. 23jj

I say if you haven't tried them from somewhere else, do it. There is a bakery in my town where they are the specialty of the pastry chef. She told me she discovered them while studying in France. She said she loved them so much that she became sad thinking about never being able to have them again when she went back home. So she made it a point to learn from the best and perfect the recipe so she could eat them whenever she wanted. Let me tell you, hers are delicious. I have had every flavor she makes and have never been disappointed.

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