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February 6, 2010


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that cake looks AMAZING!
and so moist. haha.

you can do it!
....and when you do, I want an invite. ;)

that cake is pretty awesome! might have to have an unbirthday party just to try it out! LOL

I tried one once, but let the layers marble a little. Lots of work & dirty dishes but a very pretty cake!

that looks seriously delicious and pretty! : )

You and the cake are pretty pretty. I get squeemish about food coloring, though.

Right! Big dreams are very healthy :).
i haven't had an internet for a little while so i missed your birthday! But anyway - better late than never, right? - i wish lots of happiness, love, smiles, laughter, good friends, magical moments, creativity, good books, excellent recipes and dreams coming true! :)

I've been dying to make something like that colorful - how could you not love it?

I ADORE your cute little headband by the way :)

I made one! I made one!! It was back in Sept... I never blogged about it. Maybe I will!!! And when I do, I'll let you know :)

Emma...there is a very similar (and possibly even cuter?) version that I came across a few months ago. Here is the link...

Hope that worked...and I hope you really do try it! My sister-in-law made it last week for my nieces birthday party and it turned out so fun and yummy! Just make sure you have a lot of people to eat makes a LOT of cake. :)

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