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February 8, 2010


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I am so impressed! :-) My brother made from scratch chocolate croissants once and wow - they were heavenly!


those look so good!

ughhh!!! I LOVE this makes me think about the movie "it's complicated" when she is making them.. yum!!

lala-i totally wanted to do this after watching It's Complicated. you got me:)

Emma... I am loving your blog! I have printed several of your recipes and can't wait to try them! I sooo wish I could make these, but am gluten intolerant too.
Before I found out I was gluten intolerant I was visiting my best friend in Australia. We would walk up to the local bakery every morning and have a chocolate crouisant....oh so warm and yummy!
I will definitely be back for more recipes and book recommendations. Thanks!

If you really think these are a bit too much work, what with the making the dough & everything, Nigella Lawson makes some choccie croissants very similar, but with pre-bought puff pastry... what could be simpler?!
Here is a link for next time, if you can't be bothered doing it properly. ;)

Ooooh! I must try this!!! (Even better w/Lost & The Office!)

i HAVE to make these. any excuse to insert chocolate into breakfast, i guess. :)

could I thank you enough? My moms been begging me to make these for her recently and now I have a recipe to turn to!

I love to bake also Emma, so appreciate your step by step way of making these croissants. I will be attempting to make these today. I'll keep you posted!

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I love your blog! The recipe sounds awesome i thinnk I am going to have to try his for my husband it will be my first attempt.

Tried the recipe today. it was amazing, approx 5 hours to make and the batch was over in 30 mins. loved it, thanks a ton!

I am currently letting these double after folding and everything....I am 5 minutes into the hour of letting them double. I have a feeling these are gonna be one those, "so much work, so little left" things.

Great recipe! I was so proud of myself!

I wonder if they really spent that much time making the choc croissants in "It's Complicated?" I mean around 5 hours for a snack? I know they are yummy, but really!

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