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December 4, 2009


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What a fabulous idea!!! Thank you!! =)

they really were soooo cute and sound delicious! a great gift idea.

(i'm sorry olive is a not-just-cookies monster sometimes ): )


such a cute idea!
Thanks for sharing.

i want to do these! delicous!

Wow, what a super cute and thoughtful gift! Yum!!

check it out. do it.

Wow, I'm definitely going to make them!
Thank you for this idea!! ^^

so fun!
i'm definitely going to have to try this. thanks for sharing!

I love this! Making it for family!

Thank you for this great idea! I made my first batch last night.

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thanks for this! it was very informative. I'm doing a bit of an independant study on coffee companies and found this very helpful.

Oh my goodness!! I have to agree with an earlier post...Annie makes me want a little girl to add to my 2 boys, and I want one that dresses in tu-tus and cat eye glasses too! She's so dang adorable!! I LOVE your Annie pics!

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